AWinstall Versions History

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Version 4.5:

Added new installer variables: InstallerFile, Favorites, CommonFavorites
Added support for reading from Registry and Environment variables
Added new language: Portuguese (Brasil)

Version 4.4:

Added support for Windows Vista

Version 4.3:

Added support for digital certificates
Fixed bug: uninstall.log was not created in 'silent uninstall' mode
Added 7 new languages to installer interface

Version 4.2:

Added new variables: IsUserAnAdmin, NetFrameworkShortVersion, NetFrameworkFullVersion
Fixed self-deletion in silent uninstall mode
Fixed occasional crash on some systems with national characters

Version 4.1:

Added new options: show welcome page, show language selector
Improved the welcome page interface
Added new option: set task progress description

Version 4.0.2:

Added support for the .NET Framework 2.0 Release
Added support for conditional task installation
Added the "wait for the launched program to finish" option
Removed the "Compressed Engine" option: UPX is not supported under Windows 2003

Version 4.0.1:

Fixed 'wrong system colors' issue
Added language packs for the new interface

Version 4.0:

Created Wizard-like Interface
Added relative file paths handling
Added Installer variable: SelectedLangId
Added support information to "Add/Remove Programs" applet
Added Custom Actions to installer engine
Improved the New Project Wizard
Added option to load last project on startup
Fixed bug: "Cancel build" does not now abort the entire program
Added option to check if the .NET Framework installed
Added support for .NET Installer components

Version 3.6:

Added Estonian translation to installer engine
Improved display of list of languages
Added the new option: 'Use compressed engine'
Added the new option: 'Show message on success'

Version 3.5:

Added Portuguese translation to installer engine
Language files are now available for editing
Now creates Autorun.inf in 'CD distribution' mode
Added new variables: ${CommonDesktopPath}, ${WindowTitle}, ${UninstallTitle}
Reduced the needed amount of memory during installation
Added "I agree" check box option to License Agreement screen
Shortcut: now sets default icon Index to 0 if icon path is selected
Published the Installer Scripting API
Slightly improved tree interface (project and tasks renaming)
Added task error hanlding options

Version 3.4:

Added Latvian translation to installer engine
Fixed bug: links were not created in some silent installs
Added option: "Show options page"
Added option: "Require Admin privileges"
Added option: "Visit product uninstall web page"
Added per-task uninstall settings

Version 3.3:

Run action: added support for opening documents and Internet links
Added 'Silent uninstall' option
Added Readme dialog option
Added support for language-specific License Agreement and Readme
Added installer variables: SelectedLangName, SelectedLangNameEn

Version 3.2:

Added new variables: LocalAppData, QuickLaunch
Added new actions: Install NT Service, Install Dynamic Folder
Added Swedish translation to installer engine
Improved Setup Builder interface (folders tree updating, docable panels)

Version 3.1:

Added special folders: UserAppData and CommonAppData
Added support for changing installer icons
Added ActiveX Scripting support for installer extensions
Added 'Copy Files' build option for CD distribution
Added integrity check to prevent broken downloads
Fixed wrong import of some registry strings to Setup Builder
Added Danish translation to installer engine
Improved German translation

Version 3.0:

Added minor changes to build process
Added Drag-and-Drop support for tasks and actions
Improved interface and some visual elements
Improved online help
Fixed saving modified projects on exit
Fixed wrong Run Action data in some cases
Added special folder: Common Files
Fixed uninstall-time deleting of read-only files
Added 'Add registry key' dialog to IDE
Added item: Register COM Type Library
Added multi-language interface support to install engine
Eliminated the limit of 10 tasks
Added 'hidden task' option
Added support for Rich Text (RTF) in License Agreement screen
Added 'Silent install' mode
Added user-break of build process
Added check: 0 of tasks selected or not enough disk space for install folder
Added action item: Registry key creation
Fixed progress bar for large files (>200Mb)
Added "Working directory" to shortcut parameters
Adjusted total progress: estimate disk size (instead of files count)
Added special folders: Startup Menu, My Documents

Version 2:

Added task cleaning: deletes files and folders created at ${TempPath}
Automatically adds '.lnk' extension to shortcuts
Added 'Available size/Required size' status string
Added 'Additional Folder' option (concatenates with product path after browsing)
Now sets proper time and attribute values for extracted files
First IDE (graphical interface for setup maker) created
Fixed bug: programs without parameters were not executed
Added 'Run program AFTER install' option

Version 1:

Added special folder: Fonts (${FontsPath})
Fixed bug: wrong available space was shown in Windows 9x systems
Added user interaction: Displays checked list of installation items (tasks)
Fixed uninstall program self-deletion