Tips and Tricks

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If you are new to AWinstall, try starting with our Application Setup Wizard. It will provide the application project with default settings. You can change all project properties later.
The AWinstall project can contain an unlimited number of "tasks": individual named groups of installer actions. You can make some tasks visible to customers (allowing to select only desired install options). During setup process, only selected tasks will be performed.
Each task can consist of a large number of installation actions: extract files, run programs, create shortcuts etc. For comfortable navigation, these actions are grouped by category and target folder.
Use 'Add uninstall shortcut' command to quickly add uninstall menu item to product menu.
You can easy add a group of files to your installer project. Just drag necessary files from Windows Explorer into the project tree. Drop files on desired task.
To reorder the installer tasks, drag-and-drop tasks in the Project Tree.
AWinstall has built-in support for creating multilingual setups. Open project settings, select "Build" tab and you will find the list of available languages.
You may use AWinstall for performing automated 'night builds'. Just call it with /b switch, and specify your project path. AWinstall will launch, load project, build it and quit.
You can obtain a quick feedback and bug reports from users decided to uninstall your product. Just open the project settings pane and specify the "uninstall web page" address in the "Uninstall" tab. AWinstall will direct user to this page during uninstall.