AWinstall Project Tree

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The Project Tree window is designed to display the hierarchical structure of your install project.


All installer items are grouped into logical categories:

ttt1 Project the one root item. Displays the name of installation product. You can change this name and adjust other project settings in Property Pane window.

ttt2 Tasks the list of project tasks (named groups of items). Each task node displays the task name; other settings are available in Property Pane window.

ttt3 Action Groups the list of action categories for each task. New actions are automatically being added into proper category to enhance navigation in the project tree.

ttt4 Folders this nodes are used for grouping actions by destination folders.

And, finally, project tree may contain a set of installer actions. Each action type is represented by unique image. Selecting an action in project tree will bring the action-specific Property Pane window where you can modify action settings.

See also: Tasks and Actions, Property Pane.